img5Speedy Networks is a team of established professionals with a passion for offering a high standard of work, customer satisfaction, and great after-sales service. You can rely on Speedy Networks to provide you with a fitting solution to your needs.

Almost all organisations today rely on the Internet as a foundation for their operations. A disruption in Internet service can mean lost business and lost productivity. This foundation is strongest if it can provide tremendous speed and constant availability.

Speedy Networks Internet (SNI) is the service which provides this foundation. Having worked with many businesses in providing this solution, we can guarantee the SNI service. SNI is a specialist service provider with a combination bonding in between DSL, EFM, 3G/4G, Cable, and Satellite to provide highest Reliability and Maximum Bandwidth which is the most important need for your business.

Why SNI?


SNI system provides not only high 9s availability to your WAN, higher bandwidth and speed, but also most importantly the dynamic fail-over and session continuity where the loss of any of the WAN links can be shielded from the applications.


SNI solution can save over 50% on bandwidth cost. SNI utilizes combination of cost effective DSL and able broadband to reduce to reduce our MPLS cost significantly, while you groom your traffic with advanced QoS.


SPEEDY Networks design & delivers complete network solutions and customized to the requirements of each individual businesses. It encompasses the Bonding routers, Internet access, and VLL

Faster Speed for:

• Large file Upload and Download
• Video Conferencing


• Resilient Connection
• Uninterrupted Internet Connection
• Reduced Risks with connectivity
• Multiple ISPs

Keeping Cost Down:

• Enables to add Internet bandwidth incrementally as demand increases
• Cost Effective and
• Less Expensive than dedicated leased line or fiber Available Nationwide and No need to wait for fiber.