Truffle is a trademark device used for Broadband Bonding Network which works as hub for the better usage and consumption of the Internet.

Truffle is the only one-sided broadband bonding network appliance that enables SMBs and enterprise branch offices to broadband bond™ multiple Internet access lines together as a standalone device. Companies looking for cost effective ways to bring a more reliable and faster Internet WAN pipe, can do so with Truffle™ without requiring any provisioning or coordination from their service providers.

Most SMBs currently rely on DSL or T1 for providing Internet access to the company premises. Ironically, many employees may experience slower Internet access at work than their broadband connections at home. The speed of Internet access for the SMB may be insufficient for a number of reasons. For example, the speed of a DSL line may be too slow, due to the long distance from the company premises to the Central Office. As another example, the data traffic over a T1 line may be shared with reserved channels for voice over a PBX system, and hence less bandwidth is available for data. Increasingly, due to the large volume of spam e-mails, the capacity for carrying useful Internet communications is greatly diminished.