Aggregated Point-to-multipoint Capacity: Peering of Speedy Networks bonding devices over the Internet requires VLL server license (such as a head-quarter office and the branch offices) to create an IP tunnel for office to office VPN. In this peered mode, all uplink and downlink traffic between the head- quarter office and branch office/colo location(s), including VPNs, will use the aggregated bandwidth of the combined Internet access links.

Link failure recovery: In case of Internet access line failures in one of the Internet access lines within the IP tunnel, Virtual Leased Line (VLL) recovers the ongoing session by redistributing the load over the available access lines, even for the sessions in progress, without loss of data integrity. This means your office to office VPN will be kept alive even during individual WAN failures. Improved network reliability – Automatic failover protects against failures of one or more access link outages, as it will not cause failure of the aggregated access link as long as at least one access link is still active, resulting in less downtime for the connection between BBNA devices. Transparent Installation – The existing Local Area Network in the head-quarter office or the branch office/colo does not require any changes. All the installation and configuration is handled through the BBNA user interface.

No coordination with ISP: No new equipment or software is necessary from the Internet Service Provider(s). A user-friendly web-based management interface is provided for quick and easy configuration and system monitoring.
Advanced QoS algorithms – All traffic routed through the GCC-TRUFFLE BBNA is intelligently managed to prioritize real-time traffic. Additionally a unique set of proprietary algorithms are implemented to improve traffic latency metrics.
DNS load balancing for inbound requests – GCC-TRUFFLE BBNA can be easily configured to provide Dynamic DNS load-balancing for inbound requests for internally hosted servers such as web-server, ftp- server, mail-server etc.

Additional features include: DHCP server (can be turned off), state-full firewall (can be turned off), port forwarding, DMZ, UPnP support and others